piggyback thrift store ‘art’

I take discarded and bad works of art, typically from thrift stores, and improve on them.

A more complete gallery is at matthewfranck.com/portfolio

It started with a small framed print now called “Jane Austen’s Demise.”


From there, I splurged on a $30 sea captain painting from Goodwill. I later learned it was worth $250.



A pair of pastel brother-and-sister sketches from the 1960s came next.

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Next. came my first commission — from the Goodson family who found another sea captain in their basement. Here I use the style of New Orleans artist Eddie Breen.

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Yet another commission for a former fellow journalist who now works for Washington University’s medical school. This one is on public display in her office. It’s the Ebola nurse.

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The kids wanted me to do a Minion piece.

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Probably the worst painting I’ve found, now titled “Dance, earthling cowboys! Dance!”

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This is a small project from a print of a seascape. (Forgot to take before image until I had started in on it)


Months ago my kids found a portrait down the street in the trash. We think the woman is one of our neighbors. Best not invite her over.

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“Making Venice Great Again”

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When Stan Kroenke (the Walmart billionaire)  moved the St. Louis Rams to Los Angeles I painted: “Kroenke Greets His LA Fans”

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I lucked onto a reproduction portrait of four kids in the same gender/birth order as mine. I then combined it with the mat and frame from another discarded piece:


I took two farm paintings and added Sharknadoes.


A quick little project. This is the first time that I did not paint. I let the printer do the work.

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