The Bernie Series

With internet memes of Bernie Sanders and his infamous inaugural mittens flooding social media, I completed three projects in the two days that followed the event.

The first I call “Colonel Sanders”

I’ve owned this miserable painting of kids and chickens for four years. I’ve been waiting for something related to stairs. Bernie came through on the Capitol steps.

The second imagines Bernie between a hunter and wildlife. Titled “Bernie, Deer”

The third represents a new approach for me. In this one I did not touch the original work, a pair of Raggedy Ann and Andy portraits. Instead, I created a third portrait to match. The is called “Raggedy Ann and Sanders”

Finally, the set for scale:







I take bad and discarded art, generally from thrift stores, and ‘improve’ on them. For a complete collection of my art, a term I use very loosely, go to

Projects 89-90

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