Travel stories

For several years I’ve written occasional travel stories for the Post-Dispatch. And I’ve won a few national awards in the process — typically for highlighting the struggles of family travelers. (Clink the title to read the story.)

AIR-CONDITIONED TENT: I take my two sons to the beach in North Carolina for three days. The catch: we only have 100 bucks for lodging.


MOTEL CONFESSIONS: In this piece from 2007 I come clean about packing too many kids in a single hotel room.


UNPLUGGED TRAVEL: Here I require my kids to travel completely without modern electronics on a 540-mile drive on Route 66.

SEVEN RULES: We tried to behave on a two week trip in which we would spend most nights with friends. But this was the result.


HOLIDAY WORLD: A trip to Santa Claus, Ind., fills the bladder, in the other Land of Lincoln.


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