Religion editing

For three years, one of my roles at the Post-Dispatch has been to edit religion coverage. I’ve had the pleasure to work with talented reporters such as Tim Townsend. Their reporting has ventured beyond the institutions of faith, delving into the intimacies of how belief is lived.

CHURCH MERGER Here Jesse Bogan offers a look at how a church merger traverses the lines of race.


MORMON MOMENT The presidential candidacy of Mitt Romney afforded Tim Townsend an opportunity to venture not only into the peculiarities of  Mormon Missouri history, but to contemplate how a faith’s more obscure doctrines should be approached by both insiders and outsiders.

The LDS Church in Missouri

PATH OF FAITH Tim Townsend profiles a case of profound loss, offering a view on the interplay between grief and faith.

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CAMPUS MINISTRY A fascinating look by Tim Townsend at a campus ministry.

JESUS BILLBOARDS Jesse Bogan profiles the man behind the billboards.

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