Projects I’ve edited

In my seven years as an editor at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, my team of reporters has won numerous awards for reporting on a wide range of topics. Some examples:

BOSNIA: In 2013, reporter Doug Moore marked the 20th anniversary of the relocation of thousands of Bosnians to St. Louis.

'Little Bosnia' - porch time at Tahirovic Family home

AFGHANISTAN: IN 2013, reporter Jesse Bogan and photographer J.B Forbes reported for five weeks from Afghanistan, covering the Missouri 1138th Engineer Company. More broadly, the series of articles looks at the challenges ahead of a U.S. troop draw down in the region.


DEADLY DAY CARES: In 2011, reporter Nancy Cambria uncovered 45 deaths in Missouri day cares. Most were preventable sleep-related deaths. And all but four happened in unregulated and unlicensed centers outside the reach of Missouri regulators. The three-day project earned a president’s award from Lee Enterprises, representing the best reporting of the newspaper chain for the year. It was also a runner-up for the prestigious Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism and garnered state media honors. Most importantly, the series led to key changes in state law. (unfortunately the Post-Dispatch project landing page has expired. The link above leads to parts of the reporting).


IMAGINE SCHOOLS: Also in 2011, reporter Elisa Crouch exposed questionable real estate transactions at the state’s largest chain of charter schools, Imagine Schools. Those dealings were sapping the schools of money needed for classrooms. Her reporting contributed to what likely stands as the nation’s largest charter school closure, involving more than 3,000 children. It was also singled out at the best investigative series of 2011 in Missouri.


ROCKWOOD SCHOOLS:  In 2011, Elizabethe Holland reported on long a cozy relationship between Rockwood Schools and Glenn Construction Co. That relationship endured even as competitive bids were not examined and as the school board president worked for the firm on the Rockwood district. The series triggered a state audit validating Holland’s reporting, resulting the resignation of a former school board president.


PHOTO BY Christian Gooden: Rockwood Superintendent Bruce Borchers listens as State Auditor Thomas Schweich lists his findings from an audit

Other examples of watchdog reporting

SUPERINTENDENT PENSIONS: Here reporters Jessica Bock and Virginia Young look at a retirement system that pushes superintendents into retirement potentially at their prime, while forcing school boards to escalate pay.


Interim superintendent Don Senti attends the Parkway School Board meeting Wednesday evening at Central Middle School in Chesterfield.

SICK PAY: “$100,600 • $79,558 • $63,671 Lottery jackpots? Nope. Sick day payouts for teachers.” Reporter Jessica Bock takes a look at the perks.

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