Ferguson coverage

The shooting of black teenager Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Mo., on Aug. 9, 2014 became perhaps the biggest news story I’ve directly been associated with in my career.

As deputy metro editor for the Post-Dispatch, I help lead coverage by nearly 50 journalists who have produced hundreds of stories and multimedia pieces.

The collective work of the newsroom is best gathered here in a special report called “Ferguson: As it Unfolded.”


In addition to my broader duties on the metro desk, I also continue to directly oversee a team of seven reporters. All have contributed to the Ferguson coverage.

In Why did the Michael Brown shooting happen here?, reporter Jesse Bogan and others look at the socio-economic context of the shooting, specifically at  the Canfield Green apartments. Given the daily demands of covering the shooting and its aftermath, I am proud that this degree of analysis and reporting could be turned around less than a week after the shooting.


Elisa Crouch and Doug Moore covered Michael Brown’s funeral.


Here, reporters Doug Moore, Walker Moskop and Nancy Cambria, look at the racial divide between police forces and the communities they serve.


Here, Nancy Cambria circles back to the 1970s to speak with one of Ferguson’s first black residents.


My education reporters told numerous stories from Ferguson. In this one, Jessica Bock shows how Missouri’s teacher of the year was drawn to the front lines.


Religion writer Lilly Fowler profiles a former St. Louis Ram who is tending a flock in Ferguson.


A beautiful tale of giving and kindness by Nancy Cambria about a small business seeking to recover.


Months after the shooting, Koran Addo and Elisa Crouch take stock of where the Ferguson movement is heading.



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